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    gallery help!

    sa22 Level 1
      right i'm trying 2 create a gallery for my portfolio, i've went through a couple things that havn't worked and i havn't been able to fix!

      found this tutorial : link

      been following through but i had to change a couple things to get the look i wanted link

      but once i got throught the tutorial i got this link

      heres wots wrong. the thumb nails don't chg to 60% opacity, they don't chg to 100% opacity when rolled over
      pritty much the thumb nails don't do anything at all. i don't think the actionscript is picking up the thumb nails, theres nothing really linking to one of them, since they are named thumb0-7 and he only has thumb?... but atleast they r were they r supposed 2 b

      the tutorial says u put the image at the middle of the x axis... and it is in the right place but the y is way off!

      i had to change the names of the mc's from image1 - image 3d1 and thumb1 - thumb3d1 as this gallery will b imported into another file along with others for different sections, so i would have alot of images with the same name

      also i started the image3d and thumb3d from 64-70 so i could easily add files before and after with out changing any file names 2 do so.

      here is the actionscript i have link

      and here r the file names i have link

      u may also notice that i have a scrollbar on it 2. the actionscript hasn't been added yet. the only thing that worries me about this is the mask will have to be on the layer above, if i have a mask for both the thumbs and the image in the same mask will this work fine or will the action script add the image on top of the mask?

      hope someone can help!! like i said this is around the 4th attempt at a gallery i have some experience of flash and actionscript but not alot!

      thx in advance!!

      edit: i noticed that i had the wrong name in for the mask, was mask1 should have been mask3d1
      this part of the script that fixed the y of the mask is : mask3d1._y = target = 150;

      edit: sry didn't know i could attach code but there it is!.
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          sa22 Level 1
          scratch most of the above!!!!...... i took a break and another look at it and fiqured out wot was wrong

          now i have the thumb nails loading up and chging when rollingover
          but the main image isn't showing up at all now... at the start and when clicking thumbs

          any1 got any ideas!????

          heres the code i've got now!!!

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            sa22 Level 1
            please guys!!.. this is important 2 me if any one has any clue of wots going on r any help at all it really really would b appreciated!

            i think it may have some thing 2 do with these lines:
            image3d._y = -1000;

            img._y = img.height*i;
            var thumb3d = this["thumb3d"+i];

            thumb3d.pos = target+(i*-img._height);

            every thing else seems to work!!

            the center for where i want the image is 150 if that helps?
            i've tried changing this line
            image3d._y = -1000;
            to 150 put still nothing!

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              what's the main image and what's suppsed to trigger it to "show up"?
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                sa22 Level 1
                theres alot of main images
                there named image3d64 - 70 ( so i can add more before and after these images)
                if u look at the example here u will get the idea http://www.flash-game-design.com/flash-tutorials/gallery-large-flash-tutorial.html

                clicking on the thumnail is supposed to trigger the main image
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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  the only code that execute when this["thumb3d"+i] is clicked is:

                  target = this.pos;

                  and it's not clear what how that alone will do anything useful.
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                    sa22 Level 1
                    i think these lines are wot clicking on thethumb is supposed to do
                    thumb3d.pos = target+(i*-img._height);
                    thumb3d.onPress = function() {
                    target = this.pos;

                    not sure, i think it's gotta b the 'pos' r 'target' thats messing it up

                    would it help if i uploaded the file for u??
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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                      i don't download files unless i'm hired to correct the problem. if you want this problem solved quickly and you want to hire me to fix it, send me an email via my website.

                      for free help, continue posting to this thread.

                      what's the instance name of the file that's supposed to "show up" and how is it supposed to "show up". ie, does it move, does its _visible property change or something else?
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                        sa22 Level 1
                        instance name for the images that r ment to show up go from image3d64 - image3d70

                        if u click the example i posted a couple of posts ago u'll see how it is supposed to work
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                          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                          ok, so the images move into postion. how? is there a parent movieclip whose _y property you tween?
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                            sa22 Level 1
                            i think its 'target'

                            i think i'm going to ditch this1 for now and move on another i have found!

                            there is alot more code in the newer 1 but it is alot easier to understand than this 1!

                            heres a link if any1 wants to try or use it http://www.developphp.com/Flash_tuts/AS3_Dynamic_Elastic_gallery.php

                            but thanks kglad!!!... if u ever need any help feel free to ask!... i'm not the best at flash but i know my way around 3ds max if u ever need any help on it!!!

                            thx again!!!
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                              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                              you're welcome.