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    Automate to Sequence Mono Audio Error

    Arlington Media

      When using the Automate to Sequence (via menu or icon), stereo audio is place on the timeline in mono. And, there is a notation of Ch 1:1 on the clip. The source footage is an HD .MP4 and comes from a Sony PXW-320. The camera has a stereo mic feeding to Ch 1 and Ch 2. I have changed the audio channels under modify clip to stereo with 1 audio clip, but I have also left it as default with 4 mono channels and get the same result.  When I drag the clips directly to the time line the audio is placed correctly as a single stereo track.


      I'm on a Mac (10.14.2) using PP 12.1.2. I had updated to the latest version but the issue occurred there as well.