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    Flex ExternalInterface and swfobject issue

    gregbown Level 1
      Im using Flex 3 with the Yahoo Maps AS3 API. I really need to use swfobject to optimize for search but the map will only load properly using the Flex HTML wrapper with the standard AC_FL_RunContent method. When I use swfobject to load the myMap.swf it seems to load it but the tiling breaks. I suspect that ExternalInterface breaks with swfobject specifically in passing the name parameter because if I modify the Flex wrapper JavaScript->
      "name","myMap" to-> "name", "SomeOtherName" it too will load the myMap.swf identically to the swfobject version with only one tile etc. I have exhausted my resources at the swfobject forum please reed that post. I am new to Flex so I apologize for any ignorance I may have. I am open to other method of searchengine optimization with Flex because I am so frustrated with this. Flex AC_FL_RunContent version and here is The swfobject version and here is swfobject forum