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    Erronerously renaming file that generates

      Fat finger pulled a fast one on me. In generating my .xpj project, my sweetly named "locator.xpj" project name turned into "w" before I knew it and my project generated/published and now I have a merging of two projects that duplicated folders in the client view. I have been looking thru all the technical stuff to figure out how to find that erroneously renamed generatated file and delete it. It wasn't a part of version control either (gulp). Part of my string where these duplicated files are located is:


      whereas my good files are found here:


      Any suggestions?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Donna. Are you just saying that the output has been generated to the wrong location? If so, can't you just delete it and generate it to the correct location?
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            libsport Level 1
            No, the opposite. Two "file names" (W and Customer Service) generated to the same location, thus the duplicate TOC list in the client view. It's as if the generation was a whole new project that wasn't "merged" properly and shows up as an addition, making the TOC listing appear twice. I'm asking where can I look to find the wrong file to delete it and hopefully delete the multiple TOCs.
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              HKabaker Level 2

              It appears you are talking about publishing the project, rather than generating into the !SSL! directory.
              Perhaps you have two publishing locations enabled in the Single Source Layout setup.

              Go to Single Source Layouts, select (but don't run) the setup, select Properties and navigate through the sequence to the WebHelp Publish dialog.

              Perhaps you'll find two setups checked.

              On the other hand, if you are generating but not publishing the project, look at "Select Output Folder and Start Page" in the first dialog of the WebHelp layout. Make sure it shows the correct path.


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                libsport Level 1
                After many days of tyring to figure out the mishap, it took 5 seconds to correct! There's a box in the set up/installation of RoboEngine Configuration Manager for "automatically merge all projects" that was checked! I didn't have access to undo that check mark.

                Thank you all for your kind help and suggestions! I did try them!