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    Preloader not working on live server???

      Hi Guys

      My application loads many XML files as it's content. I have written preloading code everywhere a file needs to be loaded, it looks something like this.

      var XMLPercent = Math.floor(ProdXML.getBytesLoaded()/ProdXML.getBytesTotal()*100)

      if(XMLPercent < 100){

      The code works perfectly in flash while running in simulate download mode, I have also tested it from about 5 different pc's around the company and in multiple browsers and have had no problem whatsoever. Today I loaded it onto the live server and these statements are just getting totally ignored and the movie just continues playing! It's also happenning inall browsers. I have checked the code, tried to write different variations of it and nothing works.

      If anyone has any ideas why I would be very greatful.