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    how is it done...?

      Hello, All :) ...There used to be an engine for 3D Flash Development, called 3D Groove. It allowed developers that had access to it, to create serious 3D games for the web, like AlienX:

      Link to AlienX

      But unfortunately, only members of the 3D Groove Alliance could use it. The project died, and the engine to the best of my knowledge will never be licensable.

      AlienX, and the engine behind it, this is what I would like to do in Flex. Years ago, using Flash MX, Discreet Plasma, and the Havok physics control, developers could use these tools to create serious 3D games for the web.

      Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge Plasma is no longer available, nor is the Havok physics control.

      Does anybody know what the current tools are, for Flex, for creating 3D Flash Content, such as AlienX? Especially, tools and components that can read data from databases?

      Thanx very much in advance for anyone who replies...