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    ActionScript Help

      OK, so here is where you see why I chose my name, Code Noob. I am currently in a class that is "teaching" us to use Adobe Flash, and the trial version of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional is installed on the system I'm using.

      We have made a simple ActionScript movie, where the colored dot I created moves in the direction of the arrow key pressed. That was simple enough, but there is more. We now have to apply a face to this dot, which will look in the direction that it is moving. Our instructor gave no help or example on how to do this, and I am totally lost. I know how to draw the face on the object, but I'm not sure how to get it to turn to the left, right, up, or down as he/she is walking in that direction. Can anyone help please??

      Code Noob

      I have attached a copy of the ActionScript code I have thus far.