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    16:9 Video for conference projector/screen/monitor with powerpoint slide




      I had a request to create a video to be played during a conference. This conference is a small part of a big technology event abroad.

      The event website says that all speakers are expected to present from their own laptop, which must have the necessary ports to connect to session room equipment. This is some of the equipment provided

      • Screen sized for room
      • Projector optimized for 16x9
      • Will support HDMI and VGA


      The client asked to start the video with an image from a powerpoint presentation. The video is supposed to follow the last PPT slide, and for that I need to use the same last slide from the presentation. When I asked him for the size of the monitor/projector, he didn't know much about the technicalities but said that it needed to be 16:9.


      I am used to produce 1920x1080 square pixels, mainly for youtube so I set up my project similarly as I do for youtube videos, only this time I made it bigger - 16:9 frame 3840x2160 square pixels (1.0) 25fps, to allow for the highest quality.


      With the powerpoint presentation, I downloaded the last slide as 3840x2160, because if I chose the default option it would save it as squashed - 4:3 frame size. Although in both occasions including the squashed version 4:3 on the properties window it would show as aspect ration of 1.0.

      This is how the powerpoint presentation looks on screen - it's set up as 16:9 option


      Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 09.24.20.png




      The client will have no time/access to test the video until just an hour before the conference so no chance to make changes.


      My worries and question is if this is the right format in this situation.

      I fear that the projector or monitor could somehow distort my video (stretching it out) if it doesn't interpret my square pixels.

      Should I anticipate and present another version with a non square pixels to avoid this situation and if so, what set up for my project and how to adapt my movie to it?


      My plan is to deliver 2 MP4 files: one of 3840 x2160 and another of 1920x1080.

      I was questioning wether I should also produce a mov version?  I saved as a mov file, I get the letterboxing - if I cropped it would it be OK?

      Will AVI be necessary if the client used PC?


      Sorry if these are silly questions but I'm still quite new and this is my first time producing a video for this type of event with little detail with no space for amends


      Any advice on this would be appreciated

      Many thanks