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    CUDA Playback Engine Crashes Frequently

    agristudios.riley Level 1

      I've recently updated to Premiere Pro CC 2019 (v13.0.2) and noticed that the playback engine was not giving me the option to use CUDA. After updating drivers for my GTX 980 I was given the option back.


      When working on a project, when either scrubbing the timeline at a quick pace or making edits at a fast pace on the timeline, the application freezes up for about 5 seconds then frees back up, but leaves a black program monitor. Everything functions normally except for the video playback engine, which constantly remains black. If I switch the renderer to software only, rather than CUDA, playback works normally. I have to restart Premiere for the CUDA GPU acceleration to work again. This has been observed on multiple projects. Multiple versions of Nvidia's GTX 980 drivers have been tested. PC restarts do not resolve the issue.


      If I understand right, Adobe no longer supports the GTX 980. Does anybody know anything about this? Could it possibly be solved in a future software update? Is it time to just upgrade the GPU?