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    Path Names Video and Searchpaths

      Hi Guys,
      #I wonder if someone can help me i am really baffled why a application i have been working on for ages and was working fine has chosen now to change how it operates.

      The application has had no problems in the past with locating video files stored in a sub-directory or the route call 'res' whilst the projector resides in the root itself.

      However on recent exports the published project can no longer find the video files - hence a user prompt when the application is run, to locate the files.

      Can anyone try to explain what-has/may-have happened.

      I have in the meantime placed all files into the root as a workaround but this is not ideal as the root directory is now very messy.

      Any help much appreciated.



      I have read about search paths what is the best way of implementing a searchpath for a subdirectory/folder called res as all video files are forced to load as members before frame 1.
      Also can you past the code.