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    Tracking in flash/Swf :: Help me please :)

      This is my first time working with Ad Tracking in Flash and I want to make sure I'm going about it correctly.. I can't test it on my side, so I want to know it's right when I pass it on to the client.

      I've gone through the tutorials on Adobe and here's what I'm working with:
      Rather than attaching the clickTAG function to a specific object, I've added it to the code (on click function) in the 1st frame of the document as such:

      function doClick():Void {
      getURL("clientsurlishere", "_blank");
      if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {

      ..since I don't have a way to test it (or do I?), is this going to work? Or does it actually have to be attached to the object? It's set up so that a few movies and images within the document are clickable (which is why it was better, and easier to update in the future, to set up the code in the 1st frame rather than on each object).

      Also, would I add it to an ad/page that is using XML to add all links to the site? And do I add it to each URL instance or is there a way to "blanket" any and all clicks from that are included in the XML? .. Here's an example of the line of code in the XML:
      <plan logoImg="images/plan/logo.png" learnLink="Learn more" learnLinkURL=" http://www.clientURL.com/" planBuy="images/buy_btn.png" planBuyURL=" http://www.clientURL.com/buy/">