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    Is Contribute 3.1.1 Compatible With OSX 10.5

      I am running Contribute 3.1.1 on Mac OSX 10.5 (Tiger). The program opens up and I can get to my website but when I click "Edit Page" it tries to create a draft, the progress bars get almost to the end, then gets stuck and won't move. I have tried several different pages and the same thing happens. Any idea ? Thanks
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          Bob Christenesen
          I'm using Contribute on 10.5.1 without that problem. I've had that problem in the past, though, and generally think of it as a permissions issue. Did you repair permissions prior to installing Contribute?

          If not, first step, repair permissions on the Mac, using Disk Utility or one of the others. If there are a number of issues displayed, you may want to do a reinstall.

          How long does it take for your progress bars to run their course? How long have you let it sit afterwards, to see if there is further progress?