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    Oder of materials/Shaders coming from Max


      Youve all been very helpful, so i'll try again.

      Is there a way to modify the order of Materials on a model in max. So that we can have a standard order for the Shaders in Director.

      So, for example, the Skin is always on shader 1.

      We have a number of existing assets, where this is the case. And i think its basically an accident. ie. The previous 3D max guy, applied the skin Material first, and thats how its always in the first Shader in Director. But now that we have to go back, and add a 'skin' material to some models the previous guy missed, this 'skin' material we are adding, is coming through into Director as the top most Shader(because its been added last im assuming), not the first Shader. And we cant see how to adjust the layering of Materials in Max. As its just a massive list of polygons with their materials. Its not really in an Order.

      Any help greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,