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    Adding intro/outro to Flash video

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      Hi There,
      We have created a series of short video product reviews that are all
      being loaded dynamically into a common SWF container something like this:
      <script type="text/javascript">
      // <![CDATA[
      var so = new
      "myMovie", "320", "277", "8", "#FFFFFF");
      so.addParam("base", "/swf/");
      // ]]>

      We want to add a simple common intro and outro (logo fading to video for
      intro and logo fading back in for outro). Is there a cool and clean way
      to do this as part of the Flash movie rather than having to insert it
      into each QT movie beforehand?
      The biggest problem seems to be determining when to begin the outro
      since all the videos are slightly different durations. Is there some way
      to use script to determine when each video is ending and trigger the
      closing animation?

      Thanks for any help with this,

      Don Hinshaw