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    Timeline panel lagging, when everything else is okayyyyy


      Hey everyone,


      My premiere pro has this weird thing where everyhing is fine except for the timeline panel

      The video plays back at full res with no stutter and the timeline panel is very laggy. It shows every movement from top to bottom

      Kind of like when you have rolling shutter on a camera, or when you try to open an image with a 56k modem.


      Please check the video to see the problem:

      Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 C Users Edit Station Desktop 2019 02 07 Podcast 3 Premiere Pro TEST SP - YouTube


      I already have:

      Cleared cache

      deleted cache folders

      reset preferences

      all of my NVIDIA and Win drivers are updated

      I'm using CUDA rendering but opencl and software only work even less


      It is on a dell optiplex


      gtx 1050

      16gb ram

      400gb available space on the ssd


      ANY FIXES? the support has been helpful but all the procedures they asked me to do havent resolved anything


      Thank you very much to everyone!