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    Dynamic text always reads text as html?

      I have an area where I want to show the text from a text file with some html, in one part I want the text to be read correctly and make the links (this works) in the other part I want the html to be shown in the dtext box. But even if the render text as html isnt checked and if you put
      textbox.html = false
      it still doesnt show the html

      I mostly am just using links so in the text file it says
      &membertext1= here is a link
      <a href="www.adobe.com" target="_blank">click</a>&

      One area should read - this works
      here is a link click

      in the other
      here is a link <a href="www.adobe.com" target="_blank">click</a>

      but it still reads like the one above.

      Any ideas how to achieve this?