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    Premiere Pro CC 2019 keeps crashing


      I need help. I cannot get my premiere pro to not stop crashing for the past few weeks, with multiple different projects. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my desktop, because it does not crash nearly as much on my mac.  Premiere Pro usually crashes when I either render the sequence or when I open the finder to import footage into my project, it will usually crash the finder, then the whole program. I have no idea what is wrong. I recently had to move Premiere Pro from the SSD with windows 10 to another SSD and I do not know if this is the cause for the problem. Here are my specs



      Processor: i5-4960k

      Ram: 20GB

      Graphics Card: GTX 960





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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          My first thought is to leave programs installed in their default location on C:.  If you need a larger SSD to do that, get one.

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            vf.jeinselen Level 1

            What kind of crashes are you having? Are they low-level exceptions related to scopes, something else that's specific, or just general/assorted crashes?


            I've been having nothing but catastrophic low-level exceptions on my Mac with the latest Premiere Pro 2019 installed in the default location. After trying everything Adobe has suggested (deleting preferences, uninstalling and reinstalling, even importing project data into a fresh project), the only solution was to downgrade to Premiere Pro 2018.


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