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    Should effects apply to Proxies?

    SpiritOnline Level 1

      Hi all,

        My original footage is in H.264, 1920 x 1080, 60fps. I use alot of time remapping, warp stabilizer and basic color correction. All has been fine untill I applied some heavy color grading to a one minute long portion of the video to give it dramatic, almost unrealistic look. This is when Previews started taking really long time to render...  One slight change to that color grading layer - another 20 minutes to render....


      So I created proxy files in Ceneform codec with 1/4 or original resolution, original framerate. I activated proxy with that blue button. But nothing changed - Preview still takes forever to render!


      So a big question here: do previews always apply to original files, regardless of proxy???  Then what's the point of using proxy?  What's wrong here?  Is my only choice to transcode to DNxHD without proxies?