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    CSS - px or %?

      Hi Guys

      I'm would describe myself in a novice where dreamweaver is concerned and am redeveloping my current website in Dreamweaver (as have been determined to learn Dreamweaver for some time now).

      One issue I found in developing my old site is that I designed it on my widescreen 1280 laptop where my site appeared great and aligned centrally as I wanted, but I noticed when my girlfriends brother was on my site on the desktop downstairs (not a widescreen monitor) the site was off centre and the google adsense ads on the right hand side were off the page.

      I know its an issue of aspect ratio but I would prefer that whatever monitor my site is viewed on, it appears centrally and full-screen and was wondering what method other people use.

      I realise % ratio is an alternative to coding CSS in px but it sounds much harder than designing in pixels...?

      Any advice pls?