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    Flex and databases

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1
      I'm quite a newbie so apologies if I am completely off base on some facets but I have played with flex a bit and know my way around databases but have no experience with cfusion/php/.net?/etc.

      I also have read up on first amfphp then cfusion then RDS then BlazeDS and now am a little unclear on some basics.

      1. The "best" technology is as always dependent on many factors including cost but IMHO it seems coldfusion offers a less steep learning curve as well as added features and other integration benefits. Comments?

      2. RDS is built into coldfusion 7+ (how can I tell if it is activated?) and is essentially an Adobe proprietary method of communicating cfusion to dreamweaver/flex ???? (i.e. so all 3 aforementioned can communicate via HTTP etc but RDS is best? what about XML conversion which all the flex tutorials seem to be based on?

      3. BlazeDS enables server push etc as a complement to cfusion (though can be installed on web server independently)??

      4. Is there no easy way to connect Flex to mysql (I noted a new connect button in Flex 3 beta)? If I use cfusion on the server do I have to create a .cfm page or will flex do that for me?

      Links to any more basic tutorials than most that I have found on adobe.com would be great -- IMHO they all seem to assume a fairly high level of knowledge in at least one or more products (frankly the php stuff is boggling and I have enough trouble organizing my flex apps without failing to connect to the cfusion server ;)

      Thanks in advance