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    viewChanged event ?

    jylaxx Level 1
      The scroll event documentation speaks about a "viewChanged" event which take care of manually and programatically change of scroll position !
      This event doesn't seams to exist. I didn't find any other reference in the whole documentation of flex2 or even flex3.
      Is that a "typo" or am I missing something ?
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Google produces references to the viewChanged event, and a search of the FB2 SDK source gives two references to it, but that's it. Perhaps it is some deprecated or no longer used event? Anyone else?
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            jylaxx Level 1
            I found "viewChanged" is dispatched in DateChooser, Container and ScrollControlBase classes.
            Container & ScrollControlBase : dispatched in set verticalScrollPosition
            DateChooser : dispatched when year or month change
            But I don't know where it is defined as I have only the mx source code. May be in the flash classes.