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    Viewing swf file offline.  Also viewing fullscreen?

      Hi everyone,

      I am doing a presentation for school and I was thinking that it would be a lot better to put it together in Flash rather than PowerPoint.

      However, I'm not sure how I should present it. I will be using a school laptop connected to a projector. It would be easy just to save the swf to the internet and play it in Internet Explorer, but I can't assume that I would be able to get internet access (although I probably will). I would like some alternative just in case.

      I know that I could save it to a CD or something and open it in Internet Explorer, but the only problem with that is that sometimes IE blocks files playing from the hard drive. I've encountered that problem before.

      Is there some kind of Flash Player that isn't an internet plug-in that I could use?

      In addition, if I do end up playing it in IE, it would be kind of nice not to see the browser, to have the video play fullscreen? Is that possible at all?

      There seem to be so many problems. Should I just give up and use PowerPoint instead? What would you do?