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    HDR Workflow possible?




      some time this year the company I work for will probably have to produce an HDR documentary. I have tried to google for HDR workflows for PP but couldnt find any proper links.


      The broadcaster we are working for has a specific codec and specifications that need to be fulfilled inorder for us to deliver the final product.


      Some of the terms that the broadcaster is using are:


      Foundation for grading Rec.2100

      Export in HLG, Color Space Rec.2020 with DCI-P3 Subset


      The final film has to be HD/HDR MXF OP1A, XAVC Intra Class 100 (Cant fin the codec in premiere, found it in Avid AVC Create, but it only works in 4k XAVC Intra Class 300, Class 100 is only available in SDR)


      PP wont let me set up the color space, so I never know what I am working with. Is there a way to set up the color space?

      Is HD/HDR even possible? I feel like it only works with UHD.


      PP is very confusing in this regard...

      Is anyone on here who has worked professionally with HDR and PP and could possible give me soe tips?