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    timer trouble

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      I want to track the total time a user spends in my application. I have the following code when the user has logged on:

      on exitFrame me
      go to movie "xxxxxxx"

      When they exit:

      theSeconds = (the timer / 60)
      theMinutes = (theSeconds / 60)
      gTT = gTT + theMinutes

      gTT is stored and retrieved from a database.

      On some PCs there is no time taken at all and on some PCs the time stored is inaccurate.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          I have never had very good luck using startTimer. Instead, you can use
          'the milliseconds' to see how long the program is running:

          global gMS
          on exitFrame me
          gMS=the milliseconds
          go to move "xxxxx"

          and when they exit:

          global gMS

          theMs=the milliseconds-gMS

          putting the '.0' at the end of the divisors forces the result to be a
          float instead of an integer which will be a little more precise without
          the rounding errors inherent in integer math.