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    Does CC 2019 support VFR footage?


      I'm importing webcam footage and the frame rate is set at 30.03 fps. It plays perfectly on my computer, but when I import it into Adobe Premiere Pro The audio and video are out of sync. This tells me that the footage has a variable frame rate. I import it into Premiere and pull up the properties on the clip and it doesn't say "Variable Frame Rate Detected" and doesn't give me the MPEG Source Settings effect controls of the clip.


      I have called Adobe Support and they're telling me that Premiere currently doesn't support VFR footage and has not in the past. I have found staff replies to forums and adobe guides that contradict this statement.


      So, I ask does any program in Adobe CC 2019 support VFR footage? If it does, how can I get it to detect my VFR footage?