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    If you click an html link in flash AND it uses target="_blank" AND "wmode=transparent" THEN IE triggers popup blocker

      Microsoft's Internet Explorer triggers popup blocker when using the legit target="_blank" link in flash (via html inside Flash) when embedded using wmode = transparent. Tested on IE 6 and 7 on windows xp home and pro - with standard default settings. Embed has allowscript always.

      If you use wmode = anything else, the popup blocker is not triggered.
      Regular mc's with getUrl w/ "_blank" does not trigger popup blocker.

      Ive searched a lot of forums here, on adobe and across the web and haven't seen a) Adobe describe this exact "wmode=transparent" issue and b) nowhere have i seen it be solved.

      Embed code has allowscript=always so it can't be this issue, right?

      This is a viral swf so javascript will not be an option.

      Any thoughts? Thanks much.