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    Export errors


      So yesterday I exported a project as an mp4 video, and it worked perfectly fine - the mp4 file appeared on my PC entirely uncorrupted and viewable. However, afterwards I noticed some audio had been cut out, so I attempted to rexport the project to try and fix it. However, despite the fact all the files I'm using in the project are the exact same and have been untouched, I'm now getting an error message claiming that "file importer detected an inconsistency in the file structure of [mp4 video file I'm using]. Reading and writing this file's metadata (XMP) has been disabled".


      This is the exact same mp4 file that exported fine the first time, and I don't think files can spontaneously just develop some kind of structural inconsistency (whatever that means) so this error message's claim is false; however, it's still stopping me from exporting my project.


      Why? And how do I fix this?

      I sincerely hope their is a fix because this is literally a software-breaking bug and this program is extremely expensive for such basic functionality to fail.