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    Import & Export_Really Messed Up !!!

      Not sure what happened...

      …but something’s gotten screwed up really bad w/ both my import AND export settings in Flash (running Flash MX Pro 2004). I was in the process of importing a .MOV movie (created in Sony Vegas Movie Studio (v8.0), to be exported as a .SWF (out of Flash…to be published to the web, in order to be displayed on our band's MySpace site).

      I know my .MOV export out of Sony Vegas is OK, 'cause I can preview it in QuickTime; & it plays & looks great. But when I import it into Flash, I know something is wrong right away, 'cause the display window reads: "current selection cannot have actions applied to it". And when I hit the Play button...all that can be seen is a solid white screen...there's no content, no transitions...no nothing. If I go ahead & export as a .swf, all that get’s exported is a white screen…no movie.

      What have I done wrong?


      Mark Forman

      BTW - The movie I'm working w/ is a dynamic photo montage, where I placed photographs of the band side by side by side; & then added transitions between the still images. The only reason I went back to redo the montage because it was too large in file size; which prohibits the loading of tables on our MySpace page, until the movie fully streams. I was looking for a way to decrease the file size coming out of Vegas; & then this happened. But...like I said...the .MOV out of Vegas plays & looks just fine.