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    Hiding Topics From Search Results

    resume-writer Level 1
      I have about 7 different types of users that require different and private set of documentation. My plan is to use conditional build tags to deliver a help set for each user. I'm delivering noncontext-sensitive help and via batch processing. Later I'll ensure that each help set is context-sensitive, and have the product call the correct one. I'm trying uncover flaws in my architecture. I'd like to streamline if possible.

      What's cool is that my product's interface has built-in profiling, so the product already knows what windows/tabs (context) the user can access. Seems like a perfect way to deliver context-sensitive help for all my users. But, can I do so with just ONE help set?

      I can disable TOC, but one thing I can't figure out: How would I prevent users from seeing private content launched via the search engine? I'm just trying to figure out how to use only one help set and still restrict content. Unlikely, right?