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    A Different Source Control???

      I have been using the RoboSource Controls for my projects, but they have remaind realatively small. Of recent I have started to support a very large Project well over 30k topics large. I have suggestted spliting the project but the business managers and tech writers do not like the suggestion. I am running into the issue of the Source control taking around 30 mins to load up the project and about 10 mins for check ins. The server hardware is fine as I have monitored this fully, the RoboSource Control seems to be the main source of issues. I have converted the RoboSource Control to run off a SQL database which greatly helped the system but not enough. Is there a different Source Control software avaliable which would handle larger volumes better? I am willing to try any Source Control out there which seems to perform a bit better.

      Thank you for any help / suggestions.