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    adl.exe doesn't work for me

    Paul J. Lucas
      I am developing for both Mac and Windows. I have flex_sdk_3 installed on both machines. For Mac, everything works fine. For Windows, everything except running adl.exe works. It complains "Adobe AIR could not be found." On both machines, I unzip'd the flex_sdk_3 to /usr/local/flex_sdk_3. (Under Windows, I'm doing this under Cygwin, so that would be C:\cygwin\usr\local\flex_sdk_3.) I set FLEX_HOME in my environment correctly. Even if I explicitly specify the location of the runtime with:

      -runtime C:\cygwin\usr\local\flex_sdk_3\runtimes\air\win

      ant it still doesn't work. I've tried every variation of -runtime with different directories and nothing.

      A little help?