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    Using onPress multiple times on different frames

      I have a menu file (cs3) for navigation on a web site. It's pretty basic, as I am new to using flash extensively. I always try to do it all with JS.

      There is a list of 5 "sections" (buttons), and when one is clicked a sub-menu fades in beside it. These new buttons, however, do not work. All buttons use a onPress function . I have studied this some and read something about parent and child movieclips, but there aren't any mc's in my file. Not sure if this can apply to buttons as well...

      Basically, I just need the second sets of buttons to work. I will attach code for them. The AS is in a separate keyframe from all of the buttons but on the same timeline frame number. All links are opened within an iframe on the same page.

      Any help would be appreciated!
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          clbeech Level 3
          It is most likely (I'm not certain from the description) that the 'sub-buttons' are a 'child' MC of the main button? if so, the 'on' handler for the 'main' button will override any handlers attached to 'child' buttons within it. the only solution is to use a hitTest method for either the 'parent' button or the 'child' buttons, OR separate the two MCs and use the 'main' button to bring a MC of the 'sub' buttons to the Stage.