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    include pages

      Hi.I have alphabetical links to html pages so they open in the middle of the cfm pages.
      here is the code of the alphabetical links:

      <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
      <td align="center">Alphabetical Links<br>
      <a href="/products/0-9.html">0-9</a> <a href="/products/A.html">A</a>
      <a href="/products/B.html">B</a> <a href="/products/C.html">C</a>
      <a href="/products/D.html">D</a> <a href="/products/E.html">E</a>
      <a href="/products/F.html">F</a> <a href="/products/G.html">G</a>
      <a href="/products/H.html">H</a> <a href="/products/I.html">I</a>
      <a href="/products/J.html">J</a> <a href="/products/K.html">K</a>
      <a href="/products/L.html">L</a> <a href="/products/M.html">M</a>
      <a href="/products/N.html">N</a> <a href="/products/O.html">O</a>
      <a href="/products/P.html">P</a> <a href="/products/Q.html">Q</a>
      <a href="/products/R.html">R</a> <a href="/products/S.html">S</a>
      <a href="/products/T.html">T</a> <a href="/products/U.html">U</a>
      <a href="/products/V.html">V</a> <a href="/products/W.html">W</a>
      <a href="/products/X.html">X</a> <a href="/products/Y.html">Y</a>
      <a href="/products/Z.html">Z</a>


      but I want to put only one link called ALL to show all the products(A.html,B.html,C.html,...Z.html)in the same way so if we click ALL can see all the products list from A to Z.
      To better undrestanding see the bottom of the http://www.emedmart.com/.
      I've used /products/*.html but it's wrong.I dont know what to do.PLZ help.
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          jdeline Level 1
          Well, where to begin. I went to your link and it took 25 seconds to load. I then clicked the "A" link at the bottom of the page and it took 30 seconds to load. And this at 09:00 GMT. Users deserve better performance than that.

          Looking at your code, you have 2 large select boxes for "Brands" and "Categories" that I presume are dynamically generated. If so, you should consider doing a cachewithin in your CFQUERY.

          Also consider redesigning your page so that the header, left navigation and footer are their own CFM pages. That leaves the content hole containing only the drug listings. This makes the "click all" issue easy to solve. Simply do CFINCLUDE a.cfm, b.cfm, c.crm, etc. in one page (after displaying your header and left nav and before you display your footer).

          But get your performance issue solved first. If it is an ISP hosting issue, change providers. Without solving the performance issue, you won't have enough users to make the "click all" issue relevant.
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            I have to agree with jdeline on this one you need some serious performance optimization here.

            Download firefox and install firebug and take a look at the download times.

            Your advertisement took 3.8 seconds to load
            stylesheet 4.2 seconds!!!

            and for some reason http://www.emedmart.com/images/bg1.jpg returns your entire site eating another 6.2 seconds of time.

            You need to spend a bit of time optimizing :)

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              masoud_amen Level 1
              Then I have a lot of work to do. :(