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    Menu with fading images - How-to?

      Please check out the menu of this site.

      Any ideas how to create something like this? Each menu option has a different image assigned and when you click the option it changes one image by another with a fading effect. I know how to fade images and how to jump to different points of an animation but how do i know which images to fade when i press a button? Is there a automatic way to do this?

        • 1. Menu with fading images - How-to?
          Nickels55 Level 2
          The top is just a movieclip that moves when the button is pushed...


          That assumes you clicked an About Us button and that your top header has an instance name of header_mc_name with a label called aboutus_head (you could also use a frame number here without quotes) where your image fade takes place. At the same time the content movieclip would also jump to a label named aboutus_content where the new content would be displayed.

          It's easier then it sounds.