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    Framerate drops when viewed online

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      I made a simple text animation in Flash for an HTML intro page. The
      framerate was at 40 fps but when the client viewed it he asked if it could
      be a little faster. So I just increased the framerate to 60 fps and it
      looked fine in Flash. I took it into Dreamweaver and dropped it in a blank
      HTML page and it looks right when you preview it inside of Dreamweaver via
      the properties panel. When I uploaded the files to a server to view on the
      internet the framerate drops. I tried pushing the framerate to 80 fps and
      the animation played faster after uploading to a server, but it still wasn't
      80 fps. Any ideas why this is happening?

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          Walter Elias Level 2
          First, you can't guarantee the frame rate in Flash. It's all dependent upon several factors, the main one being the ability of the viewer's computer's processor to handle it. You almost never get a consistent frame rate in any Flash animation.

          Second, SWFs almost always play slower when placed in an HTML file. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

          Finally, taking into account that you're asking a computer to do all that processing, increasing frame rate to 80 actually SLOWS the playback. You're telling the processor to do 80 changes per second rather than, say 20. It's a lot more work for the processor, even if it's only text. 80 is way overkill. The fastest framerate that is used is rarely more than 60, and that's nearly always in files that are light on graphics and using lots of scripting. 15 to 30 fps is more the normal range for most web animations. Some claim 31 is ideal. There is a lot of divided opinion on what is "best".

          Try it out. I wouldn't be surprised if you decrease the frame rate to 20, it will play back faster on your client's computer than the 80 fps version. He may have an older computer that has 50 things multitasking at once.