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    Connecting intro.swf with the preloader scene of the main.swf

      Hallo there friends.

      Well the situation is this.
      I am making a website and i decided to make an intro and connect it with the main swf file.
      In the main file i have two scenes. The first scene is the preloader - in which i have a progress bar - and when all the bytes of the file are loaded, it connects the user to the second scene which is the main application.
      Now, in the last frame of the intro.swf i am writing the script:
      and the result is to load not the preloader ( which is in the first scene), but the main app (which is in the second scene) of the file Main.swf.
      There is the problem i am dealing with. I can't connect the intro with the first scene of the main app.
      Could anyone please write me back the code which i have to icnlude in order to resolve this problem?