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    Premiere Pro CC 2019 using all of the RAM


      My latest Premiere Pro project file has become unusable/unstable. Whenever I open it, the RAM usage (as seen in activity monitor) starts to spike. After a minute or two, it uses all available RAM on the computer and freezes. I was on the phone with Adobe support yesterday for an hour, it seemed to help but then later, the issue returned. It's not even a large project file, only 1.3 Mb. There is about 1Tb worth of footage in the project, most of it is h264 UHD with proxies that were generated in Premiere. 


      At first, I was getting error messages that said that I've run out of application memory and I needed to force quit something. This would happen even when Premiere was the only program running. Later, I stopped getting the error message, my computer would just freeze up instead.


      When I open Premiere with other project files, it seems to be ok. Then as I import sequences from the project I'm trying to work on, the RAM usage starts to accumulate and never comes back down.


      I'm using a brand new imac pro and the latest version of Premiere CC 2019 (13.0.2) Here are more of my specs:


      iMac Pro

      Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3

      64Gb RAM, 2666 MHz DDR4

      3GHz Intel Xeon w

      Radeon Pro Vega 64 16368 Mb


      I'm up against a deadline on a project and really need to figure this out. Thanks in advance!