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    AIR security issue??

      Has anyone find out AIR's file system could easily delete dll file in C:/WINDOWS/?
      This is a security issue that is one of my friend found out.
      Any explanation? Thanks first!
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          This is not a vulnerability, but rather by design. AIR applications are desktop applications, and like any desktop application they have access to system files, such as those found in c:\windows.

          Users are protected from desktop applications not because the applications can't access the filesystem but because the applications have to be _installed_ before they are run. Contrast this to web applications, which can be run without being installed but have greatly restricted access to the system.

          AIR has a carefully vetted installation process for applications, designed to help users make good decisions about which applications they trust. Users should never install applications that they do not trust.

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            erinhome Level 1
            Got it!!
            Thk for reply. =P
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              Fernando Bergamaschi Level 1
              Sorry for my ignorance. Air is not a file like pdf or flash but a program you have to install to see it. What is the risk of getting an Air file the will destroy all your programs? I suppose this can be more like a super virus. This security risk will not compromise the Air use and future?
              regards and thanks.
              Fernando Bergamaschi - Photoindustrial - DesigndeImagem
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                Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
                The risk of installing an AIR file that destroys your computer is about the same as installing any desktop application that destroys your computer. It's arguably a bit less because AIR does a more thorough job of establishing the identity of the application's publisher.

                In any case, this risk has proven small enough--and desktop applications useful enough--that desktop applications remain in heavy use. I expect the same will be true of AIR.

                Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering