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    getURL in iframe w/anchors


      I am trying to get my scrolling pictures in a Flash file to link to a webpage with iframes and anchors.

      Page A with scroll box at bottom:

      Click on 2nd picture (Lewis Stein Road) and it should bring you to Page B, towards the bottom of page on picture called "Lewis Stein Road", anchor #lewis_stein01.
      Page B: http://www.ewebsites.ws/interwest/capital-improvement-projects.htm#lewis_stein01

      It brings to page fine, but does not scroll down in iframe to anchor. Here is script I am using:

      on (release){
      getURL(" http://www.ewebsites.ws/interwest/capital-improvement-projects.htm#lewis_stein01","_parent ");

      I've also tried:

      on (release){
      getURL(" http://www.ewebsites.ws/interwest/capital-improvement-projects.htm","I3#ewis_stein01");

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,