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    Amgen Tour of California

      To whomever it was the developed the Adobe Tour Tracker for the Amgen Tour of California: AWESOME!

      Not only was it a spectacular race, the Adobe Tour Tracker was wonderful. My understanding is that it's a Flex application, so I post this here. In one screen, there is nearly real time information coming at you from many different directions: live video streaming from two cameras (with PIP); a tie-in with Yahoo! maps to place all the riders where they actually are on the course via GPS, a separate window with break and peloton positions along the race profile; stats of both the peloton and breakaway including speed, grade, miles completed, miles remaining, gap distance; a separate are for text play-by-play; an area for chat; plus separate windows for rider bios and stats, course profiles, standings, &c &c &c &c &c &c.

      It was just an incredible application. Well done. Well done, indeed.Now if you could just sell this to all the other races!