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    Web Help, IE7, Vista, 2 windows... yet again!!

    TechDoc Jeanne
      Hello all,
      I am *still* looking for the answer that tells me how to get WebHelp to work without opening two windows.
      Now I'm seeing this on Vista with IE7. We never solved this problem with Mozilla.

      My WebHelp system, uses a skin, is called using the csh api provided by RoboHelp (RH7), works fine on XP with IE7 but not on Vista with IE7. I get the "extra window" problem, where I get two windows:
      1. whskin_tw.htm
      2. window with content - but contains a toc which it should not since its being called as csh

      Has anyone found the answer to avoiding the "two windows" problem????

      This seems to be a widespread problem that has been hashed over many times in this forum, but never with a solution.

      If anyone has an answer I'd love to hear and would be very very grateful.


      PS - Note of disgust from a once-loyal user:
      I am consuming so many resources trying to chase these problems down that I am once again considering abandoning RoboHelp. Why can't they provide materials to produce output that is compatible with current technology?