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    Premiere Pro and other Adobe apps not launching at all


      Ok so everything was fine a few days ago and I can't think of anything I would have done that would have caused this but I can't get premiere to open at all, no splash screen or anything.  Audition, after effects, and rush all seem to have the same problem.  Lightroom and photoshop and bridge seem to open fine, the others are not installed.  Also, just out of nowhere my adobe cc launcher keeps signing me out over and over just to annoy me further I guess.  When I try to launch premiere I will see it blip into my task manager for a second or two and just vanish.  No splash screen, no crash report, no nothing.


      System basics:  Win10 64, 1080 GTX, i7, 64G ram


      Troubleshooting steps so far:
      Totally uninstalled/reinstalled a number of times, tried installing multiple (all other) available versions of premiere to no avail all the way back to cs6, an alternate version of audition DID in fact work though.  I've also used the adobe cleaner utility to wipe the preimere, and later the entire suite and have reinstalled apps fresh with no change.  I've tried updating/reinstalling graphics drivers,rebooting multiple times at various intervals, tried disabling anything I could think of that might cause conflicts.


      Ultimately I ended up getting a screen share with adobe support and for a couple hours the guy futzed around with graphic drivers, multiple installs, doing a lot of the steps I mentioned above over, trying safe mode, alternate/new windows accounts, and disabling video drivers and reinstalling and so on. Also tried various iterations of launching as admin, tried renaming the various premiere folders and reinstalling.


      I got nothin... anyone else seen anything like this and know how to fix it?  Awaiting an email response from the escalated ticket but its been more than a day so far and I've got a lot of work piled up.