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    Exporting Flash(SWF) and Getting No Audio

      Hello All,
      I'm new to these boards and have only posted once previously.
      I'm recording lectures with Captivate 3 for University professors speaking in front of a class using power point. I have one Captivate project with about 570 slides. When I publish this project to SWF and play it in html and/or the skin player there is no audio.
      There is audio when I play each slide or when I preview the project but no audio when I publish it.
      I have audio selected as MP3 96 kbps, 44.10 KHz in the preferences of Publish but there's just nothing.
      Any ideas of what could be going wrong?
      Also, I'm not sure if I should post this in the Recording category but during some of these long recordings, part of the lectures end up recording blank white slides. There is audio as the professor is speaking and surely there's an image on the computer with power point but Captivate is recording pure white. Troubling.