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    Cairgorm Event matching

    slaingod Level 1
      Hi all, I have an existing Cairngorm based application that I'm trying to refactor and I am a little stuck/looking for inspiration. Originally this application was designed as a standalone app, then it was being loaded into another Flex app with SWFLoader. Now I am looking at doing something a little more elegant than simply loading in a FlexApp using SWFLoader with a bunch of hacks to expose the interface properly (since ExternalInterface is useless even in the simplest cases, as a user might have your site up in multiple tabs).

      One of the issues is that the Cairngorm app is loaded multiple times into the same application. With my SWFLoader hack, I get away with it because the events don't propogate outside of the swf instance. So my question is, how would I refactor a Cairngorm app's events so that everything worked properly with multiple instances? Is there an obvious/easy way to do this, or do I have to change everything to use some sort of instance id?

      Specifically, if the user clicks button A in copy X of the cairngorm view/module/app, how do I get object J in copy X to respond and not object J in copy Y? I assume I need some sort of copy X instance identifier in the event or in how the event was created...but does anyone have any quick thoughts on how to actually do this with the least code gutting?