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    2 Similar Projects, 1 Lags, 1 Doesn't?


      Working on a high spec PC, the usage of which in task manager never goes above 30%.


      2 projects very similar. Both in 4k, with very little effects.


      The more complicated one with more files and a longer running time of 35 mins, runs perfectly.


      The shorter one with less files and a shorter running time of 20 mins, lags for 7-8 seconds randomly when selecting different parts of the timeline. Sometimes it even does it after simply pressing space to pause then continue. It is random though, it doesn't always do it. Regardless of where I am in the timeline.


      Any idea why? Or what I can do to change it?


      Also this lag follows the files to a new project too if copying and pasting. But again all the video files are the same as the other project which works fine?