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    Zero Config AppConnection Class - Feature Request

    xwisdom Level 1

      How about adding a feature to AIR that allow AIR apps on a network to easily communicate with each other?

      IT could be a simpple class that can be used to create network-aware applications that requires no knowledge of socket, tcp or ports. An AIR application could just simply use this class to find other network-enabled applications on the network and establish a connection automatically


      // add event to listen to incoming calls
      // ...do some work here...

      // send a message to all apps in the MyAIRAppNetwork group
      air.AppConnection.send("Hello World")
      // send a message to application AIRApp.2 in the MyAIRAppNetwork
      air.AppConnection.send("AIRApp.2","Hello World")

      As you can see this will make it so much easier to send data between applications on the network. The AIR runtime would have taken care of all the TCP/IP stuff so the developer can just focus on sending the data.