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    drag & drop - multi targets that swop?

      Is it possible to have two draggables for two targets?
      Where drag-A can be dropped on target-A or target-B, but if it does, then drag-B can only be dropped onto the other target (where drag-A is not).
      The reason for this is a sequence of 15 draggables and targets for a process that need to be completed in the correct order. The code is fine for that, but the process has some steps that can be done in two ways, hence the choice.
      In other words, the user can get a correct answer for the whole process if they decide to make some steps one way or the other.
      I'm intermediate level in flash scripting but don't know the simplest way to do this. I've research the flash sites but nothing comes close. Maybe the instance names have to be changed dynamically via if/else? Maybe on drop of drag-A onto target-B asomehow changes the logic.