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    Trouble viewing exported flash animations and creating more than 1 swf file

      I am trying to import a captivate 3 presentation into Flash CS3 to create 1 single flash file but it's not working.

      1st when the files export from captivate to flash none of the animations display and only the sound plays
      2nd when i try to save the file it saves more than one flash file.

      I don't receive any errors when the file exports to flash but the animations do not work properly. When I save the file to the folder where all of the captivate files are i am not able to view the animations just hear the voice over.

      We have a very limited server where we are to store these presentations and have end users access them, and because of the nature of the server and application that end users view our content from multiple flash files do not work well for us. We are using the stand alone exe files that you can create with captivate, however, i would like to also know if there is a way to create one single flash file that will have all of the animations, sounds and playback control?

      Thank you