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    Help Please:  Modifying a Motion Guide

      I have a flash application that moves a magnifying glass along a motion guide to highlight various aspects of a template. As it moves through, it stops at various (keyframe) portions of the template until the user clicks the next button, then the magnifying glass continues along the path, moves to the next area, stops, moves on, etc, etc.

      About mid-way through the timeline, I need to remove one of the areas along the path the magnifying glass highlights because it is no longer an option. I'm assuming this means I need to somehow remove that portion of the motion guide and key frames and reconnect the dots somehow.

      Any suggestions? It seems when I try to remove the frames, it breaks. When I try to modify the motion guide, it breaks.

      So I guess the overall question is, how do you change a Motion guide path somewhere in the middle of the timeline without breaking the entire thing. Your help and comments are most appreciated.