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    Badge install problem

    murfmee Level 1

      One of my company's clients, a major bank, is having issues using the "Install Now" badge installer for AIR and the app that I've built for them. If they don't have the AIR installed already it hangs when it tries to download AIR from Adobe. The only happens for their computers.. it works just fine for me and my coworkers.

      I've tried getting them to produce .log files of the install process, to see if there's any info on where it's hanging up, but the .log files produced by their install attempts are blank.. it never gets to even beginning the install.

      Having looked at the code of the badge installer it appears that all of the work of downloading and starting the install occours in a .swf that's downloaded at run-time from Adobe. This .swf _is_ downloading, as they get to see the download bar which is part of the .swf, so it must be something in that .swf that's breaking down somewhere. I've tried looking into the .swf but have had no luck at all in viewing any code within it.. so.. this leaves me with no clues as to what is going on.

      Any suggestions on what it could be? What to try to fix it? Or even to find out more about what is breaking?

      Thank you.